The Resonance of the Sacred Crystal Coloured Rosary Radiating the New Golden Age

This book is a fascinating account of how the Spiritual Healing Beads (also known as Rosarys) came to be and includes inspirational words and channellings.

All that is written is given in truth, passed on through "High Authority".  The dynamic work of the Sacred Crystal Coloured Rosary is uniquely powerful.  It's significance indisputable.  As the mass consciousness expands, so the revelations will continue for all Beings of all beliefs.

"The Great Power Re-Source, released by the fusing of the Sacred Crystal Coloured Rosary heralds the beginning of vast knowledge, which will resound through the ages, for thousands of years to come." - Channelled from High Authority

"I have read and re-read this amazing book and am now using the knowledge in a study group." - Mrs. H. L, England  

£9.90  - 120 pages
ISBN 1-900735-10-5





Healing Journeys

All people of all creeds and those of none all "pass on".  At the time, our spirits are propelled to the next realm, "naturally".  Through totally surrendering in prayerfulness, an altered state of consciousness enabled extraordinary access to take place, over a period of many years, to these very realms.

These actual visits have been faithfully recorded in Healing Journeys to bring heart to those fearful of dying, and to those grieving for loved ones with an illumination of our immortality in Love and Light.

This book gives a wonderfully uplifting and truthful account of what takes place after we leave this earth.  The very special details and information were divinely given in extraordinary experiences.

"Death, no, this is my real birthday!" - quote by spirit in Healing Journeys

"An amazing book!  So many of my friends have borrowed HJ, please send me 5 more copies to give them to lend to others!" - Miss P. T, England.

£9.90  - 160 pages
ISBN 1-900735-00-8



Last Breath - First Light

A small booklet giving the experience of actually passing on from this life, simply, so as to release all fear.

£5.50 - 16 pages
ISBN 1-900735-00-8

The Concept

For use on letters and stationery as a seal (it has an adhesive backing).  Sold in packs of 33 for £5.50.

"Moments in prayer linked with millions, in millions of minutes of prayer".