Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is Holistic, and the Divine Energy is able to reach to the very source of the disturbance rather than just the manifesting symptoms. Channelling this most natural, simple, but profoundly powerful healing energy has been known though the ages.

`Dis-ease' often begins on a mental or emotional level and the imbalance advances to manifest in the body as disease. Gentle work on the various aspects of our Being may almost immediately, often be able to bring vital physical relief.

The Universal Crystal Rosary™ is used as a “Divine Tool” to assist attunement in this spiritual healing. Its amazing catalytic qualities help according to need, and amplify the vibrational frequency of healing grace.

The dynamic Healing Energy through the Chakras combined with Inspirational Counselling given in Heartfulness, also helps to re-enforce the ability to cope and regain self-esteem, An altered attitude and a more positive perspective are frequently experienced, leading to a happier and healthier sense of “well-being”.

Response felt during and after Healing

Sometimes a gentle heat is felt together with a tingling vibrational feeling within or around the body, releasing tension. A deep meditational state of bliss may be also experienced, and in this peacefulness relief from pain and distress may be sensed.

Frequently people report ongoing enhancements with their life, and improvement in general well-being between appointments.

Spiritual Counselling

May be given to realign the mind, body, emotions, and spirit, particularly where depression and low self esteem have taken hold. An altered sense of awareness may be gained by bringing inner harmony and a joyous well-being.

Spiritual Counselling may be given calmly and gently. This also helpful in bereavement and where there is a fear of `passing over'. Maureen has published two special books dealing with these very subjects.

Since Maureen started work over 20 years ago, Spiritual Healing and Counselling have developed greatly and become more widely accepted. Maureen is very aware of only being used as a `Channel' of the Great Power and is not therefore an arbiter of any healing that may take place.

Maureen, has always held people in `Prayer-full-ness' naturally, even as a little girl. Gradually she became aware of many ones needing more `Space for the Grace' and gathered requests for help in mind, body, emotions, and Spirit from those in distress in her growing Healing Ministry. How this is evolved is recorded in remarkable depth in one of her books, `Healing Journeys', published by The Sanctuary.

In 1987, Maureen became accepted as a Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers form documentation given by those who had experienced enormous response. Her work has been gently evolving and expanding ever since.

Maureen works from the Sanctuary, St. Clement. To make an appointment or to find out more about Spiritual Healing/Counselling please ring (44) 1534 851 503 or email


Maureen also gives talks and Healing Meditations to Groups and Associations. She is a Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healing.