Sister Site: Spiritual Awareness - The Way of the Heart

Please join us in our efforts to bring Love, Peace, Harmony and Respect back to mankind. We are body, mind and spirit, and it is our spirituality and integrity that now requires nurturing in order that compassion and caring may be restored to our communities. Please join us for our special prayer link each Friday at 11:00 GMT, and most especially on Spiritual Awareness Day - Midsummer's Day, 24th June

Sister Site: The Crystal Sanctuary - Unity is the Key, Love is the Expression

"The Music of the Spheres" -The world united in prayerful "Love and Light" linked with the Holy Infinite Universe resonating in attunement and harmony, as a great force-field of Divine Energy. A binding together for the greater Expression of Love…All the world is One.

This will inspire people onto a higher course - as an Awakening, evolving soul with an adventurous spirit, becoming rejuvenated and refreshed, to bring abundance and good will on a truly magnificent and universal scale. Heaven on Earth indeed!

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