Dearest Ones,

Gently, over many years, instructions of an empowering spiritual nature, have been given, through Divine Authority, almost as "initiations", for the continuing task ahead. In total dedication, through surrendering of the whole Being in "Thy will be done", prayerfully, these have been with great discipline, achieved.

The `Revelation of the Rosary' is the most recent and most vital, of all these very many disciplines/commitments. Truly, I would not, and could not, have ever presumed to undertake the work, if not having been do so directed, by The Mother Divine, Herself. Indeed, I wondered just how this commitment was ever going to evolve, and regarded this undertaking, in great wonder and awe. Nevertheless, with my instructions, Divinely given, my heart was absolutely and totally in this undertaking, and I prayed, only that I should be used and directed at every stage, so that that as an Emissary of Our Lady Mary, The Mother Divine I would do entirely as She desired, `upon my Father's business', as the work given was described.

Then, I awoke in the middle of the night some time ago, to write inspirationally as I often do at that time, to find suddenly, amazingly instead of actually writing, I received the entire “knowing” in an instant, through the–

Revelation of the Mother Divine given for the
Sacred Universal Crystal Rosary of the New Golden Age.™

Spontaneously, in wondrous clarity all was given for this to be the

Bridge of Love and Light linking Heaven and Earth in Unity and Peace’.

Indeed the format was tremendous, yet quite simply natural to Universal Understanding…..

I was eventually able to find the vibrational beads (that being a story in itself!), which I began to put together in the particular sequence given, for the very first time! -It was indeed beautiful !! –

I felt the Rosary was correct, and placed it on the statue in the Sanctuary of Our Lady, Mother Divine, prayerfully, with great heartfulness. Confirmation of this was given when, upon a visit of a priest who having held the Rosary in his hand, spontaneously felt a `veil lifting'. Suddenly, as a trance-medium, for the very first time, the most dramatic channelling flowed through, in an extraordinary force-field of energy.

The original Revelation was given to the early Christians, but this Revelation is given in my Love for you, that the Honour done unto me, is correct.” Mother Mary, Mother Divine.

From `heart to heart', much is passed on in this most extraordinary work. Much more will further unfold in wonder and awe, as the mass consciousness of the whole earth expands to facilitate such knowledge. You too may sense the truth in the nature of the words, given through the spontaneous vibrations of this "Divine Tool", as the Sacred Universal Crystal Coloured Rosary resonates with the New Golden Age, evolving at this time…..

All Blessings,
in Love and Light, Maureen Maria Grace Rose